Getting in the Door

In consulting and working with hundreds of sales reps and their companies, we’ve found the number one problem shared by all is getting in to see customers. In almost every meeting and conversation I have with salespeople they tell me “I know I could sell more if I could just get in-front of people. That is why effective Sales Lead Generation is so important.

In the past, buyers used salespeople to help define their purchase requirements. Today, buyers do much of their research online. Frankly they don’t want sales people reaching them until they need a price or a quote.sales lead generation

Getting in the door is a good measure of lead quality – are the leads you are getting ready to enter into a buying process or are they just trade-show raffles looking for a free gift? Sales Lead Generation that produces results does three things:

  • It produces sales ready leads
  • It attacks leads to you instead of you finding them
  • It automatically develops the leads not sales ready

Not all leads are created equal. Some leads will never buy, others are ready now. The vast majority – 80% or more – will buy but not today. In fact, lead statistics reported by the largest research firms say that only 8% of leads are sales ready when salespeople get them. However another 26% will buy within 12 months and another 33% in the following year.

That means with the right follow up your results go from 8% to over 67% – an ASTONISHING 800% increase in the number of opportunities you have to sell into.

This is just the introduction to the topic of Sales Lead Generation

This is just the introduction to B2B Lead Generation and you can read more at the following links:

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sales lead generation

sales lead generation

sales lead generation

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