The 4 Principles Sales Lead Generation for Sales People

Sales prospecting is much more than cold calling. An effective sales lead generation process is built around four principle: Value, Relationships, Actvities and Technology.

The 4 Principles of Sales Lead Generation

What you sell must have Value for your customers. It must be something they want.

Not everyone wants a particular solution or product. You have to be very clear about who needs your offering and then how you will develop Relationships with your target audience.

Once you’ve identified the what (value) and the who (Relationships) you have to contact the people most likely to buy. Once isn’t enough, nor is using a single method. Activities are how you message the right people at the right time to develop interest in your products and services.

Lastly, you must use Technology to follow-up with your leads, nurture them, and build your relationship with prospects. Simple technology aids, like Outlook, can leverage your time and efforts. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to consistently prospect .

This is just the introduction to the topic of Sales Lead Generation

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