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Sales is not about tricking people. If your product does not have value to those you’re attempting to sell to no lead generation strategy is going to be very effective for you. I can teach you how to deliver the right message to the right people very effectively but if the underlying value is poor none of that will matter. Buyers are too smart for that. They will determining if your offering has value for them. If it doesn’t then you are going to need to change your offering.

That said, never accept that no-one is buying, even in today’s horrible economy. Apple just sold over 100 million in iPads. My cellphone provider, Sprint, just sold 10,000 new HTC phones per hour for three days straight. As sales trainer Dave Lakhani has said “there are always someone willing to buy, always.”

Sales Lead Generation

In your territory there are always far more prospects than you can effectively work with. Leads come from many sources, from different niches, from your customers, even from different industries. How do you identify the best sources and the best leads? In order to be effective you must reduce the ‘universe’ of prospects to those most likely to buy.

Not all leads or relationships are created equal. You must decide who the most likely buyers are and in what market or niche they belong. The more specific you are about your target market the more accurately you can message them.

Sales Lead Generation starts with knowing who your best prospects are!

What do your best customers look like? That is what your best prospects will look like as well. Where do your best customers come from? Those are the areas to target first with all of your lead generation activities. Look at the following details about your current customers and the good leads you have now,

  • What customers are the most profitable, easiest to work with, or closed the fastest?
  • What are the characteristics of those customers? Why are they on your short list of the best customers to work with?
  • What other information do you have on your customers that has been important or answers why they do business with you?
  • Where did those customers come from – the lead source and industry?

Those questions define the profile of your ideal customer. You can create an accurate picture of what an ideal prospect will look like as well. If you’re selling to businesses some this profile should include such things as,

  • Company size or annual revenue
  • Number of employees
  • Titles and levels of buyers involved in the sale
  • Geographical area
  • Standard Industrial Code – SIC Code

Of course if you’re selling to individuals your questions and your lead profile will be very different. Every lead profile will be different because it should be based on your sales, territory and successful markets. B2B Lead Generation, actually all sales lead generation – sales prospecting – must be finely tuned for your sales needs. Each prospecting plan is specific to your company, target market and sales territory.

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