The 6 Crucial Components of Lead Generation

Sales Lead Generation 6 Processes

Selling in the New Economy of hyper-competition and low demand require effective and robust sales lead generation strategies. Through years of consulting and observation we’ve learned  that the six components of effective Sales Lead Generation are:

  • Value – The Cost of Admission
  • The Right People with the Right Message
  • Using the ‘Big Fish/Small Pond’ Principle
  • Varied, Consistent and Continual Messaging
  • Hands Free Follow-up
  • Ruthless Execution based on a Well Crafted Plan

By using multiple contact strategies, such as email, smart calling, public speaking and networking, you can both generate sales-ready leads for today and develop leads that will be ready to buy in the future.

The majority of buyers today find their suppliers through referrals, recommendations and by personal awareness of a vender. Establishing relationships with partners, industry experts and becoming a person of influence yourself within a market or industry has become crucial to getting into opportunities. Selling who you are and delivering value as a professional has become as important in effective lead generation as selling the products and services of your company.

This is just the introduction to the topic of Sales Lead Generation

This is just the introduction to B2B Lead Generation and you can read more at the following links:

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sales lead generation

sales lead generation

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