There are two kinds of Entrepreneurs – those who like selling and those that hate it, most fall into the second group.

Many people start a business because they are very skilled in an area – like plumbing, or baking or landscaping. They see a gap in the market or they just don’t want to work for someone else anymore, so they start a business. However, as Michael Gerber points out in his book “The E-Myth” those reasons are not enough. No matter how good a business person is, no matter how skilled of a tradesman you are, nothing happens until a sale is made.

Breakout Selling as been working with Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses for over 15 years. Teaching and coaching sales professionals and even those who “hate” selling how to create demand and get business.

Breakout Selling is based on the idea that selling doesn’t have to be stressful or high pressure. Business today is about providing high value, relationships and communicating well. All of the ugly behaviors of salespeople in the past such as “ABC – always be closing are dying, and not a moment too late. The Internet, Voice Mail and competition has killed them.

Today selling is about value creation. However if you can’t communicate that value with buyers interested in your products and services you’ll still stumble. The Small Business Administration still says that 50% of all new businesses will close their doors within 3 years, 95% within 5. Most of those businesses and their owners provided needed quality services and products. So what is going wrong?

To answer that a group of CEOs, Salespeople, and Business Executives founded Boardroom Mentors in 2001. We’ve consulted with hundreds of businesses all over the country. This year we felt it was time to expand to the web and offer coaching to Entrepreneurs so that instead of becoming a failed statistic, they realized their goals and the reasons they started their own businesses in the first place.

I’m glad you’ve found this site. On it are many useful articles and resources. However the world doesn’t need any more information. You can buy excellent books and training materials on every aspect of the business at hundreds of locations. Most people already have the motivation, skills and abilities to be successful. What they lack are mentors and coaches. That’s why Breakout Selling was created.

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Getting Business and Leads is the Lifeblood of Your Business

Finding customers and getting them interested in your product and services will determine your success. Having enough sales to sustain your business (and your personal income) will keep you out of the high percentage of the businesses that close up. Below, while first targeted to salespeople has helped hundreds of business owners generate new business and leads. You see if you can’t prospect, effectively lead generate and find new customers your business won’t have the sales you need. Check out the following online sales training which will get you more business.

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  • Are you happy as a professional salesperson or burning out from overwork and stress?

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