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I’m speaking directly to salespeople who need more leads and opportunities to sell to…

My name is Russ Emrick and I don’t sell by “hope and quote” methods. I don’t deal in dreams.

If you’re looking for some type of “silver bullet” or “magic machine” some new selling guru has whipped up for his system of the day then go right to that little red “X” at the top right of the page and click on it…

Now we can really start to talk…

Times are tough. Demand is down. Buyers use voice mail, cancel appointments and avoid us. Our leads are few and those prospects we get to engage with end up “going dark” – they stop returning phone calls, won’t let us know if the deal is still alive or worse string us along for everything they can get but end up giving the business to someone else.

I know what it’s like to struggle as a salesperson. After years of success I hit a brick wall. My sales funnel kept getting thinner and thinner. I was chasing business but getting less of it. My boss was on my back and each conversation become more and more uncomfortable. “Russ, you’re not prospecting enough.” “Russ, you’re not selling value.” Everything was the salesperson’s fault. I was busier than ever – and getting terrible results. My commission checks got smaller and smaller. I was beginning to feel like a real life Willy Loman from Arthur Miller’s famous play “Death of a Salesman.”

I tried everything.

I think I read every sales book ever written.

I hired a sales coach and bought additional sales training courses.

I crafted clever messages for voice mail.

I endlessly called anyone I thought would be interested in my solutions.

And no matter how hard I worked is just seemed like I was treading water – keeping afloat and staying alive but not getting anywhere. It was miserable. I was miserable. Where were the leads? How were people finding deals? Better yet – how where they getting people to open their doors?

None of my peers or friends had a solution. Perhaps we sold in the wrong industry or for the wrong company. Some of my friends started job hopping and looking for greener pastures. Many left sales altogether.

But the business is out there. I knew that. Look at Apple – they sold over $100 million dollars in iPads last year. $100 million dollars despite a down economy, despite all of the bad news, frazzled customers, reduced demand and prospects that just don’t want to work with traditional salespeople in our new economy. No matter what someone is always buying. Someone is getting business. Factories are still running, restaurants are serving meals and businesses continue to function. They need things. I just had to figure out how to get in their doors. I can sell – I proved that in 20 plus successful years. I just needed someone to sell to. I suspect you’re in a similar situation.

Fortunately I found the solution – and it was life changing. I no longer had to fight for bad business working with unpleasant people. Leads found me and I no longer had to chase people hat in hand begging for an appointment. I filled my sales funnel with opportunities that would buy from me and not just string me along. So let me ask…

Are you sick and tired of Old Fashion Sales techniques that:

  • Have you asking for the order multiple times and not getting a straight answer?
  • Making cold calls to prospects who dump you into voice mail and never never return your call?
  • Ready to scream if you here one more time “you’re my top choice” but we’re just not ready right now?
  • Feeling miserable and demotivated by how difficult sales is these days?
  • Being treated poorly by those who relish you being subservient and having to kissing their butt?
  • The greatest struggle of all, NOT Making a ton of Money – not even  making enough to support your family?

Having qualified sales ready leads solves all of those problems. You can pick who you want to work with. You can spend more time selling and less time chasing disinterested or disagreeable prospects. Most importantly you can start having fun again and make a lot of money.

However you cannot use sales lead generation methods invented 100 years ago. Buyers have changed and so must our tactics. I’ve spent the last 3 years finding out what works and what doesn’t in order to get sales leads and opportunities. I’ve worked with hundreds of salespeople and dozens of businesses all over America. I know what is working for the sales leaders out there – you know the guys who make quota quarter after quarter, the guys who seem to sell effortless. I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

Double the number of leads and opportunities you are selling to in 26 Days? ABSOLUTELY!

That might sound like a lot of time but just let me get personal for a minute, and ask you the only question that really matters here today…

We’ve all heard the saying that nothing happen in business until a sale is made. That’s a true saying. However just as true is the idea that nothing happens in sales until we get a lead. Ask any salesperson or sales manager today what their biggest problem is and you’ll hear: we don’t have enough leads. The symptoms are clearly recognizable,

  • Is your pipeline full or are you being hammered to find more opportunities?
  • Do you chase after every deal working with people that you can’t stand because you need the business?
  • Are your manager’s phone calls pleasant or full of haranguing to do more cold calling and prospecting?
  • Are you satisfied with your income and sales results?
  • Are you happy as a professional salesperson or burning out from overwork and stress?

Fellow salespeople I’m not going to write a long salesletter that take you hours to read – one that includes dozens of ‘testimonials’ and hyped promises. In fact I’m not going to ask you to buy anything. That’s right you can’t spend any money right now. My only goal is to get some good information about prospecting into your hands.

…And you should want that information on lead generation from me why?

On the right you’ll see my book “Lead Making” that comes out in October and will be available on Amazon’s website. I’ve been a salesperson for over 25 years. I was the VP of sales for an international firm that did over $65 million per year in sales. I learned some very important things, like most salespeople are really good at selling – if only they had someone to sell to. I also learned that the the companies we work for are NOT going to provide enough sales ready high quality leads for you to make a decent income.

Today it seems like no-one is buying. The economy sucks no doubt about it. However Apple just sold $100 million of dollars of iPads. Chevrolet has sold 1,000 vehicles every day since February. If GM is selling 1,000 cars a day with just one of their brands how many cars are being sold by every manufacturer? Someone is always buying, but here is the key

You have to find them through effective lead generating actives.

Old worn out techniques, like cold calling won’t work in today’s Internet world. They have access to more information than they could think about in 3 lifetimes. Frazzled overworked buyers find information on the web – they don’t want to hear from us. Actually they do everything possible to keep us out. Voice mail keeps us from reaching prospects by phone. Just ‘dropping by’ is no longer an option. People are overworked and seeing salespeople isn’t even on their radar. Today people are overwhelmed and overworked.

So what is the answer and how do you double your leads in 26 days?

I paid $695 to a top sales survey firm to find out where buyers find their suppliers and what they’re looking for. They asked almost 300 firms and twice as many buyers how they learned about the products and services they buy. Buyer, business managers, and prospects shared what effective salespeople did and said to get into their companies. I’m going to give this information to you at absolutely no charge. Why? Because I”m a nice guy? No. Well I am but that’s not the reason.

You see, I’ve just started an online sales training company. I wrote a book. I’ve set up a website. Now I need clients – salespeople desperate to increase their incomes, have full pipelines and close more deals. So I’m willing to make you an offer that I hope you can’t refuse.

First, I’ll share with you the information I paid in hard earned personal cash almost $700 dollars for, $695 dollars to be exact.

Second, I’ll enroll you in my online sales training course on lead generation. This is a 7 part course that pulls the very best stuff out of my book “Lead Making” in a fast past self study program. The subjects include:

Where People are Looking for You

Getting Visible and Getting Known

Quick Strategies for Filling your Sales Funnel

Trigger Events and Lead Impact

Big Net Marketing

Value Propositions and Offers

Lastly, you can call me for a coaching call. What do you need the most help in? Are you having a hard time getting your phone calls returned? Is getting an appointment your biggest challenge? Are you getting opportunities to sell but not converting them into closed deals? Let’s talk about it. If I can’t help you’ve lost nothing.

Is a more profitable business what you want? Can you make it through a tough negotiation without giving up your profits and a share of your commissions? Are you making the kind of progress that you want in your job or even your sales career? Want answers? Call me and see what a few minutes of my time can do for you.

All that I ask is that you enter your contact details in the form below. You’ll get immediate access to all of the lead generating and prospecting information I mentioned about as well as my contact information.  Do this and I promise, that in 26 days I’ll double the amount of sales and opportunities you’re working on!