As a salesperson I had training up to my eyeballs. Management’s answer to lagging sales was more product knowledge or the latest selling fad. I’ve been through them all – Sandler’s Submarine, Strategic Selling, Solution Selling, The Power of Getting In, Selling to Vito, Beyond ROI Selling, Consultant Selling, the list is endless. Look all those systems are good. It isn’t the system that makes the difference – it is the salesperson.

Additional product training isn’t the answer to slower sales, any more than the predictable screeches of sales managers that we just need to be cold calling more, selling on value, and “always be closing.” Another faddish “this is the system that will work today” selling program isn’t the answer either.

Salespeople don’t need more training, product knowledge or another “selling system.” Most sales professionals have the skills, motivation and ability to be successful. However using the tactics of the 60’s and 70’s won’t work any longer.  We need current strategies from street smart salespeople and sales managers. We also need coaching and mentors who’ve been there, done it, and who are successful. That is what Breakout Selling is all about.

But let’s be honest – we’re all looking for the magic bullet aren’t we? We’d like to believe that there is a technique or a method that if we just figure out our sales results will take off like the space shuttle. It’s absolutely truth that a sharp saw cuts more wood and that a power saw cuts even more. However it isn’t just about our tools or knowledge – success in large measure comes from modeling successful people. Successful business people, sales people and athletes all have coaches. The great the athlete the more coaches they use. No matter how successful they become they still rely on having experts coach them, giving them an outside perspective and helping them improve. Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, it doesn’t matter what outstanding performer you mention, look into their methods of success and you’ll find a coach.

Coaching is the single biggest differentiators of Breakout Selling. We believe you already have the knowledge and ability to succeed. What we do is help you execute using the resources and drives you possess now.

How many great training events have your gone to? How long did the enthusiasm last? How long did even the best ideas get used after the seminar? Most times we fall back into our regular ways of doing things, old habits die hard.

That is why coaching works. Instead of a one time “hit and run” approach, coaching involves a commitment for improvement and success. Coaches work with salespeople to bring out the very best results and stay with it until new habits and behaviors are developed.

I’m glad you’ve found this site. There are many good articles, tips and strategies for salespeople to use. Breakout Selling is about making more money, busting quota, making your numbers and simply rocking your world by becoming the top producer in your company and organization.

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Now go out and sell something.

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