Squidoo as a Prospecting Tool

Sales Lead Generation should be mostly pull instead of push – meaning that you pull people into calling your because of the valuable services, content and expertise you have. That requires visibility – you have to be seen to get noticed. I know blindingly obvious. There are tons of free places to get this visibility on the Internet – if you know where to look. Places that in 10 or 15 minutes per week you can get your name in front of people as well as your bio, your products and services and just about anything else you want to promote. Sales prospecting by tooting your own horn is far easier than cold calling.

Squidoo is a great sales lead generation tool

Sometimes the doctor is the last person to take their own advice. I’ve known about Squidoo for years but just never got around to putting any information there, or at least not much. Well tonight I sat down and wrote my first “lens” there – a Squidoo lens is what Squidoo calls web-pages. They are free, are as easy to create as writing an email and are very effective for getting your name in front of people.

So I won’t write a long post here. Just head over to Squidoo and promote yourself.

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Squidoo Lens

If you’d like to see my Squidoo lens, just Click Here. Be kind, I’m a sales guy, not a web designer – and it’s my first attempt at a Squidoo lens. However it proves that if I can do it you can too. Remember the secret to prospecting today is to get in front of traffic – not create it yourself. Squidoo is a perfect tool for sales lead generation because it gets tremendous traffic and costs nothing. Use it today. It is just one of many places you should be posting information about yourself and your offerings.

Squidoo is a great and free Sales Lead Generation tool

Use it often. Spend only a few minutes a week creating new pages. Use information you’ve already written in your emails, proposals and customer letters. Send out emails to people letting them know that you’re writing on Squidoo. It gives you another touch point with your prospects. Ask people, especially customers if you can post a case study or testimonial on Squidoo for them. That way both of you get publicly. Plus it builds relationships with those that you write about. They will send their peers, friends and potential referrals to see your Squidoo posts.

Oh, I almost forgot to ask – have you entered the sales contest yet for a flip camera? If not head over to here and enter right now.

Good luck and Good Selling…Russ

Are you still here?

Why aren’t your over at Squidoo writing up your customers and stories for sales lead generation and prospecting sales ready leads? Here is the link again Click Here for my new lens you can use as an example. Then just create your own free account and you’re ready to go. Simple.

You can get more information about Sales Lead Generation here.

Russ Emrick

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