Emotional Triggers for Selling

Emotional triggers are really important in selling. When used the right way, they can be extremely effective.

People make decisions based on emotion, not logic. Of course buyers have logical sounding reasons for their decisions. We justify with logic but buy on emotion. This goes for any market. A lot of salespeople make the mistake of thinking their customers are too sophisticated for emotional selling. This is not true.

Selling with logic is seldom best strategy and rarely works. This is because people make decisions based on emotion, and then attempt to support them with logic. If you grasp this, your marketing efforts will really take off. If you doubt this think about how you buy.

So how do you use emotion to sell? First you have to get inside your prospect’s head. Think about exactly why they want certain things. Then focus on the benefits, not the features of your product in your ad copy. Whether you’re selling to an individual, a family, or a business the people involved need personal reasons for buying – wins. The more emotionally involved people become with your offer the less you’ll be competing on price.

For instance, let’s say you are selling a guide on how to make money from home. Do not just tell them all the features of your product. If it teaches them how to make money with Google Adsense, do not talk them to death about the specific strategies it goes into.

Instead, you might want to tell them how much money it can make them, and remind them of why they want to earn that money in the first place. Emphasize what they can do with that money, such as gain time freedom, giving back to others more, travel more, experience more things, and so on.

These emotional factors will make the biggest difference in their buying decision. Just talking about your solutions and products isn’t going to strike the crucial emotional cord with them. That’s not to say you shouldn’t talk about them. However, do not make them the focal point. The more customers are focused on features and benefits the less they’re thinking about results – and all of the excitement and good feelings that come with those outcomes.

To do this most effectively, try to really know your customers.Why do they want your product? People don’t buy drills because they want nifty motorized gadgets – they want holes. People don’t spend hundreds of dollars on the newest golf club because their golf bag isn’t yet full, they buy new clubs for the bragging rights of beating their friends and peers on the course.

The fastest way to get to know your customers is to target people and groups that you are either familiar with or can learn about. It’s so important to pick out a certain segment of people and target only them. This way, you know exactly what they want. Then you can tailor your message to them specifically.

For instance, if you are selling a product to the golf crowd, you would want to pick a certain segment of them and market only to them. You might choose only low handicappers, medium handicappers, or high handicappers. You would then tailor your benefits specifically to them.

“If everyone is your customer, no one will be your customer.”

Just about everyone has heard this saying, and it is true. The only way to really play to the emotions of your crowd is to know exactly what they want, and then tailor your message accordingly. Hopefully this advice will help you dramatically improve your selling efforts.

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Russ Emrick

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