March 11, 2010

Selling to Big Companies

Selling to Big CompaniesA prospecting plan for ALL salespeople, not just big company sellers

This book cannot be praised enough. This book isn’t just for selling to big companies! This book is for anyone who needs prospects and whose company does a poor job of generating leads for them (everyone is in this situation I think). Selling to Big Companies debunks many of sales myths, especially those loved by out-of-touch managers who want more results but are clueless about how to get them. We are living in the `perfect storm’ of sales resistance, especially in regards to getting in at all. Selling `high’ isn’t the answer, any more than the tired, worn-out approach of cold calling. This book, however, is the answer!

There are thousands of books and systems for sales. Almost all of them ignore or minimize the realities of how hard it is today to get into accounts to even begin `selling.’ Few books have little useful information on prospecting or lead generation. No matter how good you are if you can’t get in the door you can’t be a solution, strategic, customer-focused, closed sub (Sandler), or ad nauseam `flavor of the day’ seller. This book, coupled with “Selling Against the Goal” has replaced 90% of my selling library and is an indispensable read.

Successfully getting into accounts (of all sizes) requires more than repetitive cold calling. Selling to Big Companies teaches how to create a value proposition. Not an elevator speech or a benefits statement but a carefully designed, researched, and targeted door busting concept for each business you’ve chosen to get into. The book also has good advice on the triggers that make getting in more likely and the other tactics a salesperson can use to break through voice mail, email, and the other technology ‘gatekeepers’ prospects have.

This book is a practical workbook: not simply a theoretical system of selling that does you no good in the day to day selling world where we all live. This book tells you how to make a plan, to create a prospect campaign: the how-to of developing leads and prospects within your territory. The book has very explicit instructions that show you how to work an area, develop business, and close sales. “If you’re not getting in,” for example the book tells us, “it is because your value statement isn’t very good.” This book goes far beyond the worn out and doesn’t work advice of `just cold call more.’ This book may have saved my career. It will definitely improve anyone’s sales efforts if they apply it.

Russ Emrick