Lapdances are Not Expensible

Last night at dinner a co-worker asked me if I would “do it again?” Would I leave the comfort of a salaried management position to go into sales if I could get a mulligan (free do over)? The question came up as we were swapping war stories and thinking out the various twists and turns that shapes one’s career over a lifetime.

The question is a good one? Would you do it over again? Are you happy with your choice of profession? Sales can be hard; sales can expose you to the worse side of human nature; sales can be relentlessly demanding. Are the benefits enough? How does a salesperson stay ‘charged up,’ motivated, energized, positive? How do you? Would you recommend becoming a salesperson your son or your daughter? The important why and why nots of these questions we’ll have to discuss over the next few weeks.

Russ Emrick