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Lead Generation – Whose Job is it Anyway?

With the seemingly relentless demands on Sales Managers to reduce costs while simultaneously increasing sales does outsourcing Lead Generation make sense? Why not simply get our team to generate their own leads? We’re paying salespeople anyway right? Why add the expense of an inside lead generation team or the costs of hiring an lead service? […]

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August 13, 2010

What Do Salespeople Really Need from their Managers?

Being a sales manager can be challenging. Effectiveness boils down to one question: what do salespeople really need? Compare the following list to your priorities and see if you’re maximizing the selling potential of your team. Real Sales Support Recently the head of marketing was talking about how sales wasn’t establishing “value” in the market. […]

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The 6 Crucial Components of Lead Generation

Sales Lead Generation 6 Processes

Selling in the New Economy of hyper-competition and low demand require effective and robust sales lead generation strategies. Through years of consulting and observation we’ve learned  that the six components of effective Sales Lead Generation are: Value – The Cost of Admission The Right People with the Right Message Using the ‘Big Fish/Small Pond’ Principle […]

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