The 4 Principles Sales Lead Generation for Sales People

4 Principles of Sales Lead Generation

Sales prospecting is much more than cold calling. An effective sales lead generation process is built around four principle: Value, Relationships, Actvities and Technology. The 4 Principles of Sales Lead Generation What you sell must have Value for your customers. It must be something they want. Not everyone wants a particular solution or product. You […]

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Sales Lead Generation for Sales People – An Overview

Sales Selling

Let’s be honest – the entire business world has changed except for sales . Pick up any book on selling and you’ll see the same advice and tactics taught at the turn of the century – the 19th Century. Companies like National Cash Register, IBM, and Hartford Insurance implemented selling systems for prospecting, cold calling, […]

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Websites are Still About Relationships

Every business owner asks me “how do I can get new business” and the answer is always the same “become more effective with sales prospecting and B2B lead generation (Business to business). If you’re a successful business owner, you already know that the success of your business depends on the relationships built with customers. This […]

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