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Becoming a though leader for your industry, market and prospects is the fastest way to get more sales. Becoming a sought after expert gets the phone ringing from people that want to buy from you. No other strategy will get you more sales ready leads than establishing your expertise in the minds of your targeted market.

Over 80% of people now find salespeople through word-of-mouth and referrals

Cold calling, direct mail and most of the time consuming efforts salespeople employ to reach new buyers are ineffective today. When a prospect needs something they ask a colleague or peer for a recommendation. Here is a free and effective method for creating your own expert status and becoming known in your industry: publish articles at

Selling isn’t telling. Selling is an evidence business. Buyer’s want proof that you are a credible and knowledgeable business person that they will benefit from. Establishing your reputation requires proof elements – like published articles, referrals and case studies. A great place to start is by publishing articles on the Internet that you can tell people about. Ezinearticles is one of the largest and most respected article spots on the Web. The best part about Ezinearticles is that it is free.

For an example of how powerful this method is just visit my page at Exinearticles. Here you’ll see the articles I’ve written. Whenever I have a prospect that wants to learn more about me I refer them to that link. They can see if my knowledge and experience matches their needs. Prospects can sample my expertise and know that I can help them. Instead of telling them “hey I know what I’m talking about” I let the credibility of being published and read prove it.

But I Hate to Write

There are two simple solutions if you don’t like to write:

  • Find writers who you can outsource the job to
  • Leverage your company’s materials

Take an ad out on Craig’s list. Call your local community college and find students willing to write for you. These are just two inexpensive ways you can find qualified writers who will do the work for you. Perhaps your spouse or children enjoy writing. Ask them to pitch in. Don’t let the writing part hinder you. Use the whitepapers and other company provided collateral materials as publishable articles. Tweak them for Exinearticles and start getting materials on the Internet.

Russ Emrick

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